Mud Room In Your Home

Having a mud room in your home may not be the first item on your long list of “Wants” but it is very convenient.

We have all seen the pictures of a separate room with enough space for coats, muddy boots and/or shoes, kids backpacks and a washer and dryer. All tucked away and organized from the rest of the house.  Life is good….Right?

Well, most homes may not have the luxury of a separate room that could be the “Mud Room”, but with some creativity, every home can achieve a “Mud Room” for the family’s coats, shoes, backpacks.  With limited space, some planning is needed and any off season clothing may have to be stored in plastic bins.

Here is a great idea of how to organize coats, shoes with very little space.


In this picture, stock cabinets are used and can be bought at most home improvements stores.  The shoe holder is an easy construction project.  Add the coat hooks, paint or stain to match your decor and you have storage for the whole family.

If you have carpentry skills, this is a good weekend project or find a reputable contractor to build this for you.

Look around your home and find that little nook that can be converted in to your own “Mud Room” and maybe (just maybe) you may get your kids to hang up their coat.

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