Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Counters can be a unique focal point in your kitchen. Granite, Tile, Quartz, Solid Surface all traditional materials used for kitchen counters, but how about glass? Glass can be made custom to just about any color or texture. 1 1/2-inch thick glass is very strong and durable. Glass is pure and is non-porous so it will not be affected by any chemicals. I found a great website for reference and to learn more about how you can use glass in your home.
Below are a few pictures from their website. Visit their site and explore all the possibilities for your home.


  1. I think they look great. People can also count on glass countertops if they are looking for sustainability and durability. Their surfaces are easy to clean, and just like all the other materials used for countertops, they are bacteria and stain resistant. If home owners want to have something new and fresh for their kitchens, using glass instead of precious stones as countertops could definitely work.

    Robbie Marinero

  2. Marble countertops are definitely my choice. Aside from the fact that it’s very durable, it can also transform an ordinary kitchen into an elegant and classy one, although, marble countertops can be a bit more expensive. If you want it as your countertop, you better maintain it properly.

  3. I agree; marble is a good choice to give your room the elegant look. I do take into consideration my clients lifestyle and if they are willing to maintain before I would suggest marble.

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