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“We love them!
We couldn’t have been any happier!”
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Diane Zanley
Wyandotte, MI
“MHI is one of the best things that has happened to my home. Their attention to detail is impressive!”
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Kathy Hammett
Wyandotte, MI
Hi Rick,

We can cannot express to you enough how much we appreciate the superb job you did for us. Your positive work ethic along with your attention to detail, quality and customer satisfaction are a rare thing these days. As a result of this, we would like to propose an idea to you in regards to future MHI business. Kellie and I enjoy hosting parties at the house throughout the summer for our friends and family. These functions tend to be rather large. We are planning to host a party in the near future to showcase our new kitchen. If you are interested, we would like to have you there, not only as a guest, but also to answer questions, do some networking, and potentially secure some future business. Your family would obviously be invited to come as well. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in doing.

Thanks again for our beautiful kitchen. We couldn’t be more pleased with it. You have a loyal customer for life and please do not hesitate to use us as future references if need be.

Take Care,
Dear Rick,

We love our new kitchen and are extremely pleased with the way everything turned out!! We really appreciated your hard work, honesty and professional manner throughout the entire process. our bathroom is next on the list so you’ll be hearing from us next year!

Thanks again,
Chris & Jennifer
Dear Rick,

I am writing this letter in recognition of the excellent work Rick McVey and his crew did on the recognition of our home.

After our architect finished our plans, we talked with several builders to get price and time estimates. It was also very important for us to find out what type of operation these builders were conducting and get an initial feeling about their character because we had heard many construction project horror stories. Obviously, we chose Rick . Our decision was not primarily based on price or we would have chosen someone else, although it was a factor. Instead we felt confident that Rick had the best character of anyone we talked with. He was also very prompt in attending any of the meetings we had set-up and was open and forthright with the questions that we presented. His work style also fit well with us because he had a smaller crew that primarily worked on one project at time.

Early in the summer construction began on the addition and remodel. The project was vast in that we were doubling the size of the home to around 2500 sq. ft., and also gutting the old house down to the studs. We also planned to completely replace the existing windows, doors and roof. Initially, Rick would show up in the morning and give direction to the crew because he was finishing up another project. That meant that we spent quite a bit of time interacting with his crew. I am happy to say this was a pleasant experience for both my wife and myself. All three members of that crew we personally thanked for their efforts, time and attitude because we really enjoyed them.

Recently, they finished their work and we were more than pleased with the outcome. Everything Rick agreed to do was done to our satisfaction so, we are considering having him do some more work we hadn’t initially planned for. In retrospect, we realized that we made the correct choice and we would strongly recommend Rick McVey to anyone who is considering doing any type of work on their home.

David & Patsy

Thank you to you and your workers for the awesome job you did on our addition! We absolutely love it and most appreciate the timeliness in which you did the work.

Henwood Family