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Growing up we had a half bathroom that my mother would change out the decor or color scheme every 5 years or so.  This was a small room that took minimal investment to make a change.  One time I remember she had wallpaper that looked like you were in a forest and another time she painted the walls a deep red accented with black towels and rugs. I think this room was her way to express her creative side without any input from my dad.

As I look back I realized this is probably why I like to have bold patterns or color in small spaces.  Going bold gives small rooms some interest and since they are small you may be willing to try something new.

Here are a few Bathroom Remodel Ideas for a half bath I have found.

As long as you have water, you can put a bathroom anywhere – love this black and white bathroom.

Half-bathroom 2

Wainscoting does not always have to be white – this gray and white is perfect with the gold mirror.

half bath 1                                                                                                                                

Here are some bathrooms using more color – (hot pink and black – Why Not)

half bath 3

half bath 4

half bath 6

Look at your half bath – or any small room you may have and experiment with color and pattern.  Get out of your comfort zone  and try something new.


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