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London Brick – Ceramic Tile

Posted by on Sep 14, 2015 in Blog

When I see loft spaces in old buildings, I always love how the exterior brick is part of the design.  Your decor can be modern or traditional and the exposed brick always seems to look “just right”.


If you are lucky enough to have one of these industrial loft spaces – Congratulations. But for the rest of us, we can achieve the look.

Rodine has a product line called London Brick.  This is a ceramic tile material that is inspired by early 20th century brick.HD_AMB_2

It comes in 3 sizes – – 6×25, 13×25 and 30.5×60.5 – in a colour range featuring earthy shades: multicolor, sunset, beige, charcoal, fog and the new brown, obtained by mixing black, cream and brown.


This is beautiful line and I can’t wait to use it somewhere in my home.




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Floor Tile

Posted by on Sep 10, 2015 in Blog

There are many options for your floor; wood, vinyl, tile.  Once you make a decision on what type of flooring, you have to make more decisions of color, style, etc.  

The entire process can be overwhelming.  Choosing what type of floor is important and you want to make sure you “Get It Right”.

Floor Tile seems to have endless possibilities on size, color, texture, style.  In the last few years, ceramic tile that resembles wood has been very popular.  You have the wood “look” with the durability of tile.  The early versions seemed to be a more of a painted on wood grain.  As always, new technology prevails and some of today’s wood line ceramic tile is beautiful, realistic with the durability of tile. Olympia Tile has a line Charmwood.  This tile comes in 6″ x 36″ lengths and has a rustic look to it.  When you see it, you almost have to feel it to confirm that is it in fact Tile.





Some do not like tile because it is cold.  An easy fix is to have a custom underfloor heating mat (prices do vary depending on room layout, but should not break the bank).  Any tile store can price out and it is an easy installation for a tile installer or the experienced homeowner.

This is just one example of many for floor tile.  Visit a tile store in your area and be prepared to be overwhelmed but enjoy the journey of updating your home.


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