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Wine Rooms

Posted by on Aug 24, 2010 in Blog, Wine Cabinetry

Here are some wine room or cabinet ideas:

Sketch: MHI Interiors can build a custom wine
cabinet under a stairway.

Wine rooms can be in an existing

Those who enjoy wine can display their wine in either a wine room or a custom cabinet in an existing space. If building a wine cellar, you must keep several things in mind.

1. Ideal Wine Cellar Conditions:
Average temperature should be 55 degrees (F)
Humidity should be 60-70% (80% or more may cause mold on corks and bottles).
Avoid heat and direct light.
2. How big will you space be and located where in you home?
Ideal place for a wine cellar is below ground level – your basement.
A custom cabinet can be built anywhere in your home for wine that does not need time to mature.
MHI Interiors can help you develop a plan


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